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Data Protection

Our Promise

SUGARMEDOWN Data Protection Act 1998

Our promise

Sugarmedown (UK) Limited takes your privacy seriously. We hate spam. As per the Data Protection Act we will never sell or give away your information to any company who is not affiliated or in a contractual partnership with us. We protect your information, and insist that those who work with us do the same – for example, any companies we use for sending out our welcome packs.


The details you provide will be held in the SUGARMEDOWN (UK) LIMITED Group database. Relevant information may be provided to Third Party product providers and members of the SUGARMEDOWN (UK) LIMITED Group including those outside the UK to process information on our behalf which will be protected by a strict code of secrecy and security. It may be used for fraud and money laundering prevention, audit and debt collection. It may also be used to keep you informed of other services and products. For two or more applicants, you (and if you are a partnership or corporate body your directors, officers, partners, members or shareholders) must have the authority of the other applicant(s) to disclose information about them to us. is wholly owned by SUGARMEDOWN (UK) LIMITED and any of its affiliates, subsidiaries, associated entities and any of their offices and branches


Our membership data is held in compliance with the Data Protection Act (1998) and may be issued to exclusive third party suppliers that we are in legal contract with and are keen to share information with. We pass on your details to them and them alone for their exclusive use. They must agree with us in writing that they will not use your information for anything unrelated to a previously agreed contact methodology.  This will only ever be because we want you to be included in their education and or marketing programme.  For a list of our partners, please check the website or contact the Sugarmedown team at

If you select no contact, we understand, our selected 3rd party companies will not be able to offer you updated products and samples and you will never be contacted about the exclusive offers Sugarmedown offer or have endorsed.

You agree to be bound by our Subscription Agreement and that you have read the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy contained within the Terms and Conditions. Further information on your subscription, including information on your right of cancellation and refund can be found in our Terms and Conditions.





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