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The Sugarmedown Membership - How it Works

A New Way to Live - For People Who Love to Live Life

Lose Weight - Know Your Numbers - Get Fit - Love Life

Why SUGARMEDOWN Membership?

Everything you need to change your lifestyle at your own pace.

All included in the Membership

Personal Nutrition Plan – Designed for your individual weight & height & targeted to your healthy goal weight.

Members only 24/7 workouts o do at home and 24/7 chart music streaming.

Access to The SUGARMEDOWN daily – Healthy Life Newspaper

All plans are designed to lose weight and slowly kick added SUGAR forever!

Your shopping list delivered via the web & mobile app each week.

Easy every day food plan to follow, choose All Foods, Vegan or Gluten Free.

Record the effect of the food you eat on how you feel.

Use the innovative mobile app to know the amount of added SUGAR in each food.


Lose Weight and added SUGAR for life.

Mobile APP – That turns RED when you eat too much added Sugar!

Alerts to stop eating.

No Calorie Counting. It’s done for you. 

Complimentary travel bag contains Water Bottle, Portion Pots & Headphones. Your receive it after your 2nd week weigh in!

Focus to Lose Weight, Get Fit, Have Fun

Track and monitor your weight loss

No brands – No adverts.

Prediabetic Section to track blood glucose levels if you need to.

Empowerment to control your future Lifestyle

Online Fitness Classes - 24/7

Sugarmedown think Fitness should be fun

Go to the members only Fitness Zone for your fresh daily workout!

Our aim is to show you how to target fat and keep blood glucose levels lower.


Sync with FITBIT

The Grid - Information you can trust

At Sugarmedown we #LOVETOLIVELIFE

Music To Move - Streamed for you

Commit to change your lifestyle TODAY

Sign up for our exclusive membership.

Cancel at any time.

SUGARMEDOWN. Research shows that if you are overweight as defined by BMI and your blood sugar levels are higher than they should be, if you commit to three months of a Low Carb Low Sugar diet, in three months your weight will decrease and your blood sugar levels will fall. If you add exercise you will find the process of changing your lifestyle easier. By monitoring your blood sugar levels you will know what to eat to keep your blood stable – stick to our simple easy eating plan and you will lose weight & be slimmer and if you want, in twelve weeks you can get fitter. Our job is to support you throughout journey. Come join us! #Sugarmedown #forpeoplewholovetolivelife

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