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The Plans.

Welcome. Great to have you as a member to Sugarmedown, #Forpeoplewholovetolivelife. Everyone has one single target – to lose weight and be the best they can be while cutting out ADDED sugar. No one needs and it is not great for you. We love fruit of all sorts, we love plain easy to prepare tasty food! No adverts, No branded foods to buy, we don’t even offer you a protein shake! (We do have funky tap water bottles though! )

First, log into the website as a member and register. You only need to do this once. Then download the app from Google Play or Apple Store ITunes.

Don’t want to use the app? No worries, favourite the website to your mobile home screen.

The SUGARMEDOWN main website

This is the fun stuff that is important and for all members to view. (Only members)

Your workouts are renewed every time you have watched all of them. There are seven choose from. From Easy to Less Easy. 1 – 3. Try no 1 first.

We recommend you do a 20 min workout every day, at least. 20 minutes. After four weeks you will want to do more.

Music is updated daily – listen to your favourite chart music 24/7.

The grid is updated often and is part of our Daily Newspaper which you receive free in your inbox just after lunch. It contains articles about health, diet, fashion, trends, even Supercars! Well we can all dream. When we have guest reviews and articles we send you a notification via the mobile app and email.

This area is accessible only to you, a signed up member.

The Members only Go Nutrition page is where you access your private diet dashboard. Every day your diet options will be uploaded for you to follow. Breakfast, Snack 1, Lunch, Snack 2, Dinner.

Check your area, it will tell you when you reach your ADDED Sugar limit each day. The app turns RED. I will also tell you when to stop eating.

On a Friday ( if you have logged in every day ) we send you the following weeks Sugarmedown shopping list via members messages.

Go to the custom food area to add your favourite foods so you can include them in your diet, you can compare the nutrition for a any number of foods. The bar charts display ADDED sugar for each and every food in RED and SATURATED FAT in yellow – both YELLOW and RED – AVOID!

If you are prediabetic and monitoring your blood sugar levels , use the website to update how each days food made you feel and how you slept. After four weeks you will be able to see what works for you and what didn’t. If you need a blood glucose monitoring kit then send us an email to and we will send one out to you FOC.

Added Sugar – how do we calculate it?

The Sugarmedown plan has been developed over two years seeking to demystify food and food labeling. If a food item is 100% added sugar free, say an apple, but remains sweet, we do not count Natural sugar – only added sugar.

WHY? Because the science community can agree on one thing alone, ADDED sugar is BAD for you. So we stick to counting that. There are products that have a combination of added sugar and natural sugar. We have worked this out and count the added sugar only.

All foods are general non branded options. If you are following the gluten free diet then please note that all products should be the gluten free version, same for Vegan.

What is your allowance?

10% of your daily nutrition or less should be added sugar. As we are not counting natural sugars that is more than enough for anyone. Please do understand – products can have .05% of added sugar per 100 ml and still be labeled SUGAR FREE. So a 500ml carton of Healthy added sugar free unsweetened goodness lovely product could have added sugar and also artificial sweetener in there. We know!

If you exceed 10% of your daily allowance of added sugar, your summary in the TODAY area will turn RED, on both the app and the website. That means you must not eat any more food with added sugar that day.

If you exceed your calorie limit, we recommend for your best result that you stop eating.

Awareness of the volume of food you eat is also key to losing weight – knowing you have consumed more than you need will not motivate you to continue, so we stop the calculation. It begins again every day anew.

Many members find that after the first week or so they enjoy the fact that their area remains RED free – and the totals of food are within the healthy range. Our best comment so far was from a Mum who told us her children ask every day if TODAY is a Black or RED – being added sugar free is a game to be shared!

Each day the member chart begins again.


Twh weeks into a diet most normal people need support. After your second weigh in we send you our headphones, water bottle, portion pots in a nifty shoulder bag. Each portion pot is designed to show you what the best amount of PROTEIN, CARBS, VEGETABLES for every meal. You may also have salad and fruit. You can use them in microwave or the freezer and they are ideal for taking out and about with you.

Portion Sizes 

The amount of food on your plan is the minimum amount of food. If you try to eat less, generally you fail  over the long term. We also suggest you add some plain protein, the size of the palm of your hand, and an additional handful of fruit or vegetables. Per day. If you want. Please log what you eat as well as following a plan. If you cannot follow the plan, just log for the day. It is better to record both good and bad days than have days off! After the first week it will be quicker. After the second week it will become natural.


Is a no… for the first month. If at all possible. If not. Avoid all beer and wine and fortified drinks, check volumes and log. You can go over your added sugar limit with as little as one pint!


More than a stone to lose ? Need extra help for the first three months? 

Your own One to One mentor. You get all the benefits of the normal Sugarmedown Service, and we add a communication plan where you either meet your local representative or if you prefer, communicate weekly by Skype, phone, text and email. The diet plan is the same for all of our plans, it is specific to you and you alone. It changes with you as you manage your lifestyle.  You expect to lose an average of 24lbs over a 12 week period. If you need extra special support, in private, this the plan for you!



IMPORTANT: if you have been given a code as a result of a lifestyle check – click on the SIGN UP HERE page then click the NHS  column.

Enter your details. Enter the Code sent to you via email at the PAYMENT gateway.

No need for credit card details.

The system will log you in as a member automatically every three months, as long as you are weighing in, for an entire year.

Go to the Go NUTRITION page and register your true details of height and weight & your weight loss and fitness preferences. You do this only once.

Whatever you do on the web site it will automatically update on the mobile app. So if you log food on one, it will show on the other. It is designed for one user for each membership.


 We love to hear from you so please get in touch and say Hi.

If you have any questions please let us know by email or call us on 0845 388 0035.






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