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How a Low Carb Low Sugar Diet Works

Weight Loss without Hunger equals Low Carbohydrate Low Sugar

How does a Low Carbohydrate Low Sugar Diet Work ?

What are we designed to eat ?

We have always thrived on a low carbohydrate and low sugar diet. We evolved over millions of years as hunter-gatherers, we ate the food available to us in nature by hunting, fishing and gathering all the edible foods we could find. These foods did not include pure starch in the form of bread or pasta nor any food with added sugar.

Today most foods that come in packet or carton have added sugar, fat or both.

In the 80s, the fear of fat gripped the western world. Low-fat products popped up everywhere. Brands across the world removed the fat from food products and the fat was replaced by versions of added sugar.

This is the exact time in history that our disastrous epidemic of obesity and diabetes began.

What does this mean for a Low - Carb - Low - Sugar Diet ?

All digestible carbohydrates are broken down into simple sugars in the intestines. The sugar is then absorbed into the blood, raising the blood glucose levels. This increases the production of the hormone insulin, our fat storing hormone.

Insulin is produced in the pancreas. In large amounts it prevents fat burning and stores surplus nutrients in fat cells. After some time (a few hours or less) this may result in a perceived shortage of nutrients in the blood, creating feelings of hunger and cravings for something sweet. Usually at that point people eat again. This starts the process again: A vicious cycle always leading to weight gain.

A low intake of carbs gives you a lower, more stable blood glucose, and lower amounts of insulin. This increases the release of fat from your fat stores and increases the fat burning. This usually leads to fat loss, especially around the belly.

Weight loss without hunger

Low – Carb – Low – Sugar diet makes it easier for your body to use up your fat reserves, as their release is no longer blocked by high insulin levels. This may be one reason why eating fat produces a feeling of longer-lasting satiety than carbohydrates.

With Sugarmedown our quest is that you can begin to trust your feelings of hunger and fullness. Most people don’t need to count or weigh their food any more than they need to count their breathing. They just need to know exactly what is in the food they eat.

At Sugarmedown, we make it easy! We tell you what the nutrients are in each and every food you can eat ( we even tell you about the foods you shouldn’t eat). We are the only company who tell you exactly how much of each food is added sugar. By the amount of grams in the serving. To make it even easier – we display a bar chart with the red bar showing you how much added sugar is in each food. If you eat more than you should we send you a RED alert.

After four weeks of following the Sugarmedown plan you will lose weight, lose inches from your waist and hips in particular and have more energy.

Many people who suffer from broken sleep find that without added sugar they sleep better and for longer.

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