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Blood Glucose Monitoring


The Key to bringing you back into your healthy ZONE

Blood Glucose Monitoring

So your GP or health professional has said you are Prediabetic – they may have suggested you lose some weight, get fit, change your life. AGGGHHHHH. Run for the hills. You don’t feel fat ( or maybe you do ? ) you feel OK but maybe not as good as you did a few years ago. Before you do anything – anything at all – we recommend you learn what your blood sugar levels are – either upon waking or preferably after exercise and two hours after you have eaten.


Because if you don’t know your blood sugar levels how can you know if you are eating the right things? When your blood sugar levels rocket after a Friday night curry and half a bottle of wine ( it was a glass – honest ) and the next day you feel sluggish – your blood sugar levels may be playing a part in how you feel.

Knowing the effect of food and drink will be one of the ways you and you alone can ensure you STOP the potential for diabetes and START living a life healthy and to its fullest.

Many people think they can tell what their blood glucose (sometimes called blood sugar) levels are by how they feel. But, some people can feel “high” when their blood glucose levels are low, and some can feel “low” when their blood glucose levels are normal or high. The only way to know for sure is to test.

The body makes glucose from the sugary and starchy foods that you eat, but diabetes changes the way your body controls your blood glucose. Blood glucose levels are also affected by other things, such as activity, changes in medication (tablets / insulin), illness and stress.

Research shows that keeping blood glucose levels within an acceptable target range helps prevent the complications associated with diabetes. You can lower your risk of eye problems, kidney disease, nerve damage and heart problems. Understanding how to balance your blood glucose levels within the normal range will also help you feel better day to day.

Not many people know that you’ll find a lot of meters do really vary in accuracy.

The ISO standard ISO 15197:2013, all meters are required to be at least +/−15% performance accuracy

This standard means now products should all offer accurate readings that you can trust

What affects the accuracy of your blood glucose readings?

Some of the factors which influence blood glucose meter accuracy and performance:

  • Meter accuracy and precision of results – current standards allow meter performance accuracy to vary against results done in a lab setting by +/− 15%. Whilst accuracy is important, within this, it is also important to consider the precision or variability of results.
  • Not enough blood glucose sample – sometimes you might not get enough blood the test strip which could give an inaccurate result.
  • Meter not coded correctly – Miscoding of meters can produce inaccurate results by up to 4 mmol
  • Effect of temperature or lighting conditions – Extremes of temperature or exposure to light may produce inaccurate readings.
  • Testing technique – It’s important that meters are easy to use to minimize errors. For example squeezing the blood sample site may result in inaccurate results.

The above are the reason why SUGARMEDOWN offer you a sample of blood glucose testing with your membership. If by using this you discover your levels are outside of the normal ZONE we suggest you go to your GP and insist on a prediabetes test.  Any member can call us and we will send you a complimentary blood sugar monitoring kit.

Our website and app has a function which allows you to monitor how you feel every day against the food you have eaten and the sleep you have enjoyed. As your weight lowers you may find that so do your blood sugar levels and your enjoyment of sleep often will increase.

Whilst we do not wish for anyone to have a prediabetic result,  the effect could be a great opportunity rather than a terrible result.  You have the opportunity to change what you do, how you live and love life.

We can support you back into the safe zone of normal weight and blood sugar levels.

Begin the new you with the right reliable and trusted partners to help you along your journey back to normal blood sugar levels.

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